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Practice Areas

Real estate and property transactions, builders’ regulations, landlord/tenant issues, credit reporting violations, unfair debt collection (FDCPA), family law, wills and probate are the areas of law our firm practices.

  • Real Estate and Property transactions:
    Let us represent you in contracts for deed, special warranty deeds, deeds of trust, review title, heirship problems, clear title conditions, drafting purchase and lease contracts, and promissory notes.

  • Builders’ regulations:
    Our firm can assist with the compliance of TRCC rules and regulations, drafting property contracts, deeds, reviewing title.

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues:
    Our firm has represented landlords in matters regarding delinquent rents and foreclosures, and other legal issues regarding real property.

  • Credit Reporting Violations:
    Credit scores are an important part of your ability to purchase anything from a home, car or even insurance. Your credit score can cost you money if not correct. We can help assist you in improving and correcting your credit scores which can prepare you for purchasing a home. Lenders like to see clients with high credit scores for buying a home.

  • Unfair Debt Collection:
    There are certain unfair debt practices that are illegal and may be a basis for a lawsuit. Not only does federal law govern debt collection (FDCPA), there is also a Texas Debt Collection Act to protect consumers. Contact us if you suspect debt collectors are using illegal practices such as threatening jail, use of obscene language, threatening to use garnishment, or sell your property, using a false name, or other illegal practices.

  • Family Law:
    If you have a problem collecting child support, adopting a child, or seeking a divorce, we can assist you with your legal matters.

  • Wills and Probate:
    Our firm can prepare a last will and testament, medical power of attorney, directive to physician, durable power of attorney and HIPAA. We can also help you with probating a will.